Newsworthy: An Interview with Avi Schiffmann

Promly’s Founder, Jen Libby took the time to interview Avi Schiffmann, a 17-year-old high
school student and entrepreneur. 

Avi has recently been in the news A LOT.   His newsworthy fame could be because he created the most utilized COVID tracking website in the entire world (used by governments around the world including our own) OR because he turned down an 8 million dollar offer for the site (THAT’S RIGHT, 8 MILLION DOLLARS) because he “doesn’t need the money at his age” and really didn’t want to sell out so his work was laden with pop ups or ads.

Avi stands out as a person of interest for all of us at Promly because he is only 17 years old with a current GPA of 1.7 proving, yet again, that school success isn’t everything when it comes to entrepreneurial success in the world.

Schiffmann’s site,, which came online in early 2020, receives tens of millions of views each day and has proven to be an invaluable resource for all of us as we look for real time answers and information in the age of a pandemic.  Schiffmann was awarded the 2020 person of the year at the Webby Awards and has only just begun his entrepreneurial journey. 

Have a listen as his story is inspirational and serves as a gentle reminder that external measurements of success (or lack thereof) should not limit your own motivation to make an impact in the world.

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Published by Jane Biedermann

Jane is an intern at Promly and a fashion merchandising student at LIM College. She is a cupcake connoisseur and probably currently thinking about how to reverse climate change.