A Gen Z Brand: KC with love

On our podcast series today, co-editor of Promly Garden Julia Szynal interviews long time friend and entrepreneur Katia Carnevale. Katia is a Division 1, sophomore lacrosse player at Lehigh University who during quarantine created her own clothing brand, KC with love. Her mission to follow her fashion and design dreams, while spreading love and positivity is an inspiration and a perfect example of Gen Z creativity and entrepreneurship.

Check out the short, but sweet podcast below to learn more about Katia, her brand, how she as a college student dealt with quarantine and mental health and even learn about some insider secrets of her brand’s upcoming launch! Don’t forget to head over to kcwithlove.com to support a Gen Z brand, learn more about Katia’s inspiration behind her apparel line and buy yourself a fresh, new sweatshirt to start 2021 off with a bang (when they are restocked because they are in HIGH demand so make sure to check back in regularly)!

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Published by Julia Szynal (she/her/hers)

Julia is a Sophomore at Boston College, majoring in Applied Psychology and Human Development with a concentration in Special Education and two minors: Restorative and Transformational Justice and Cybersecurity. She is from Summit, NJ, and in her free time, loves to watch movies, go to SoulCycle, and play lacrosse.