The Game of Life

Promly guest author Ava Romer gives her opinion on how best to approach life.

“Just spin already,” my little brother says to me. We are sitting in the middle of my bedroom, on the floor, with the Game of Life laid out in front of us. It was my turn to go but I already knew I had won. I was the doctor with the highest salary, I had four kids, two houses, and was about to finish first. Smugly, I spun the wheel and completed the game. And, I did win. $5,000,000 to my brother’s measly $2,000,000. I had the most money but it didn’t feel like I had won. I missed out on all the action cards and while my brother was taking night school, winning awards for his pet goat, and describing his dream vacation, I was employed at a hospital, making bank, but skipping all those fun adventures. It was at that moment that I realized, even though it was just a silly board game, it completely paralleled real life. Anyone can work for a career with a high salary and a plethora of assets, but is that even really living? You miss out on all the good times with your family and friends, winning contests, and making memories that you will remember long-term. And while winning this board game definitely has its perks, real life is not about knowing how to win, it’s about knowing how to play.      

Published by Ava Romer (she/her/hers)

Ava is a junior at the Academy of St. Elizabeth in New Jersey. She plays basketball and tennis and likes to write in her free time.