Stargazing with New Gen Z Artist Sarab Singh – New Music Podcast

The Promly Garden introduces a new podcast series highlighting Gen Z singers, song writers, and musicians that have recently released music.  Sarab Singh is a 17 year old musician from New Jersey who started singing when he was young and has now released his first single, “Stargazing”, on Spotify and Apple Music.  Sarab breaks it down with Zach Cirillo, a Promly Intern, and even gives us a short live preview of “Stargazing” and his new music that has yet to find just the right name.  

Sarab shares his personal story, his goals for the future, and leaves us yearning for more Sarab Singh on Spotify.  Have a listen and you’ll be stargazing right along side of the Promly crew.  

Here is a link to Sarab’s song “Stargazing” on Spotify: 


We are always interested in hearing from other new artists, singers, and songwriters who want their message and music to be heard.  Please email info@promly.org if you’d like more information!    

Listen to the podcast here on Buzzsprout and other streaming services: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1304890/8440519-stargazing-with-new-gen-z-artist-sarab-singh-new-music-podcast

Listen here on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2GzfX9amrOLiqMU5GFbvUU?si=78cbbT1oS_iMSf0cPin4LA

Listen here on Pandora: https://pandora.app.link/OZmQhW5NWfb

Published by Julia Szynal (she/her/hers)

Julia is a Sophomore at Boston College, majoring in Applied Psychology and Human Development with a concentration in Special Education and two minors: Restorative and Transformational Justice and Cybersecurity. She is from Summit, NJ, and in her free time, loves to watch movies, go to SoulCycle, and play lacrosse.

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