Connection for Gen Z, By Gen Z.

Promly was born from a vision to create a better social space for teens.
It’s no secret teen anxiety, depression, and rates of suicide are off the charts. The pandemic hasn’t helped as disconnect runs rampant and mental health solutions are often hard to access for teens.

We need connection. We need something better. We need a social network that actually cares about the users. (Promly is a nonprofit/public benefit corporation aimed to model responsible tech that prioritizes respect over profits.)

We need mental health support that is normalized for everyone and not hard to access.

Promly brings together high school students, Gen Z startups, and easy to access mental health support so that you can find genuine connection to other teens, inspiration, and multiple levels and types of support as needed. We are not a mental health app, we just know mental health and wellness should be for everyone and should be accessible for everyone.

Promly has an amazing Gen Z team in addition to tech and mental health professionals who care about Gen z. Together, we have worked hard to bring Promly to life through our publication, podcasts, and our very own promlyapp coming to you in early Fall.

Sign up in the “Get Involved” section of the website to get updates and an invite for the first release:

Here’s another exciting piece of news. Promly will also be sponsoring a concert series for Gen Z right around the official Promly launch this Fall! That’s right, Musical artists who care about fighting teen suicide and building better connections have teamed up with Promly to give you what you want through music, inspiration, and the message that Gen Z matters.

Follow @promlyapp for updates and sign up for updates and potential VIP access.

Gen Z, we always need your help. We look for your opinions, Gen Z changemakers and new musicians to highlight on our podcast, writers who want their voice to be amplified, and ambassadors who care about Gen Z enough to spread the word.

Together, we will change outcomes and save lives.

It’s time to come together. Connect. Unite. Find purpose. Find your people.

Together, We Are Promly.

Published by Jennifer Libby

Promly CEO and Founder, Jennifer Libby, has been a therapist for teens and young adults for 20 years. She specializes in treating high risk adolescents. Jennifer has been an assistant principal and featured on podcasts. She has also served as a board member and provides consultation with numerous schools and agencies, including Center for Humane Tech (“The Social Dilemma”) on best practices for teens and tech, 2020.