The Promly App (coming soon to the app store!) is a digital ecosystem that helps teens create more genuine connections with others based on interests, and provides access to 24/7 free mental health support with one click. Follow us @promlyapp for more updates.

Find Your People

About Promly

A Better Digital Ecosystem Built Exclusively for Teens

YOU are in charge. You are not limited. Promly’s content-based social networking platform allows you to upload all the features of you. Your music, your interests, your personality type, your pics, your fears, your goals, your real life. It’s up to YOU.

Promly was born from a vision to create a better social space for teens.

It’s a new decade. We need connection. We need something better.

Our world has changed significantly in the last 20 years. A lot of teens are emotionally disconnected despite the existence of 24/7 tech connections. The human bond is challenged; constant objectification leaves us feeling empty. Suicide rates among teens have increased by 60% and fear for ourselves and our planet are more real than ever.

​​It’s time to come together. Connect. Unite. Find purpose. Find your people.

The Promly App is ready to give you a new experience.

Promly is there when:

  • You want to really connect with people.
  • You have a bad day and want to talk to someone.
  • You’re not sure what you want.
  • You want to make social change happen.
  • You need inspiration.
  • You want access to ideas.
  • You want help.
  • You want to find something to do.
  • You want to support Gen Z entrepreneurs.
  • You want something better for your generation.

Together, WE will change outcomes and save lives.  Together, We Are Promly.

Our Team

With the combined expertise of an amazing, entrepreneurial Gen Z intern team and mental health experts, we at Promly aim to provide you with a digital ecosystem to build real connections and help you branch out, while knowing you have support in your back pocket when you need it the most.


Jennifer has been a therapist for teens and young adults for 20 years. She specializes in treating high risk adolescents. Jennifer has been an assistant principal and featured on podcasts. She has also served as a board member and provides consultation with numerous schools and agencies, including Center for Humane Tech (“The Social Dilemma”) on best practices for teens and tech, 2020. Jennifer speaks publicly on a variety of mental health concerns; she most recently spoke to members of Congress about the harmful effect of YouTube’s suicide “how-to” videos. Jennifer loves TikTok dances, is a huge fan of Gen Z, and feels like life would be better if every room had a disco ball.


Burak leads the IT development team behind Promly, with an agile, collaborative mindset, using best-of-breed mobile and cloud technologies. He loves making amazing lentil soup, coaching youth soccer, and prefers Ibiza dance music when it’s time to bust a move.


Kim is a business mastermind and licensed school counselor. She was one of the lead initial visionaries of Girls on the Run, has been featured on CNN, and has a strong record of pulling resources together and making magic happen in the name of saving lives. Kim is a big fan of “Survivor” and thinks world peace could happen through a shared love of chocolate chip cookies.  She is in awe of teens today and loves watching them change the world.

Brad Watson, MBA, CPA, CFO

Brad has over 20 years of experience as a CFO both in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. When Brad is not adding up numbers and giving out good advice, he can be found creating an amazing BBQ, cheering on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and living his best life with his wife and two kids in Florida.


Cameron is an amazing software engineer who has led technical teams at numerous startups, from early-stage to IPO and International expansion. She’s part of Promly’s leadership team and brought our Promly.org website to life. Cameron is passionate about providing accessible mental healthcare to everyone, at a time when people need it the most. She lives in San Francisco and loves animals, public speaking, and biking long distances.