The Promly App (coming soon to the app store!) is a digital ecosystem that helps teens create more genuine connections with others based on interests, and provides access to 24/7 free mental health support with one click. Follow us @promlyapp for more updates.

About Promly

A Better Digital Ecosystem Built Exclusively for Teens

YOU are in charge. You are not limited. Promly’s content-based social networking platform allows you to upload all the features of you. Your music, your interests, your personality type, your pics, your fears, your goals, your real life. It’s up to YOU.

Promly was born from a vision to create a better social space for teens.

It’s a new decade. We need connection. We need something better.

Our world has changed significantly in the last 20 years. A lot of teens are emotionally disconnected despite the existence of 24/7 tech connections. The human bond is challenged; constant objectification leaves us feeling empty. Suicide rates among teens have increased by 60% and fear for ourselves and our planet are more real than ever.

​​It’s time to come together. Connect. Unite. Find purpose. Find your people.

The Promly App is ready to give you a new experience.

Promly is there when:

  • You want to really connect with people.
  • You have a bad day and want to talk to someone.
  • You’re not sure what you want.
  • You want to make social change happen.
  • You need inspiration.
  • You want access to ideas.
  • You want help.
  • You want to find something to do.
  • You want to support Gen Z entrepreneurs.
  • You want something better for your generation.

Together, WE will change outcomes and save lives.  Together, We Are Promly.

Our Leadership Team

With the combined expertise of an amazing, entrepreneurial Gen Z intern team and mental health experts, we at Promly aim to provide you with a digital ecosystem to build real connections and help you branch out, while knowing you have support in your back pocket when you need it the most.


Jennifer has been a therapist for teens and young adults for 20 years. She specializes in treating high risk adolescents. Jennifer has been an assistant principal and featured on podcasts. She has also served as a board member and provides consultation with numerous schools and agencies, including Center for Humane Tech (“The Social Dilemma”) on best practices for teens and tech, 2020. Jennifer speaks publicly on a variety of mental health concerns; she most recently spoke to members of Congress about the harmful effect of YouTube’s suicide “how-to” videos. Jennifer loves TikTok dances, is a huge fan of Gen Z, and feels like life would be better if every room had a disco ball.


Burak leads the IT development team behind Promly, with an agile, collaborative mindset, using best-of-breed mobile and cloud technologies. He loves making amazing lentil soup, coaching youth soccer, and prefers Ibiza dance music when it’s time to bust a move.


Kim is a business mastermind and licensed school counselor. She was one of the lead initial visionaries of Girls on the Run, has been featured on CNN, and has a strong record of pulling resources together and making magic happen in the name of saving lives. Kim is a big fan of “Survivor” and thinks world peace could happen through a shared love of chocolate chip cookies.  She is in awe of teens today and loves watching them change the world.

Brad Watson, MBA, CPA, CFO

Brad has over 20 years of experience as a CFO both in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. When Brad is not adding up numbers and giving out good advice, he can be found creating an amazing BBQ, cheering on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and living his best life with his wife and two kids in Florida.


Cameron is an amazing software engineer who has led technical teams at numerous startups, from early-stage to IPO and International expansion. She’s part of Promly’s leadership team and brought our Promly.org website to life. Cameron is passionate about providing accessible mental healthcare to everyone, at a time when people need it the most. She lives in San Francisco and loves animals, public speaking, and biking long distances.


Christine is a graphic design expert who has given her time, energy, and expertise to bring web design elements into The Promly Garden. She works in collaboration with our interns to reflect the Gen Z voice through design. Christine loves vanilla lattes, empowering youth through coaching cross country, and does everything she can to bring out the best in others through Promly and in every other facet of her life. We are so grateful to have her on our team.

Meet Our Gen Z Team!

Jane Biedermann

Jane Biedermann is a recent high school graduate taking a gap year in the world of COVID-19 before attending LIM College in the fall of 2021 to study fashion merchandising and sustainability. While on her gap year she is interning for Promly and serving as the co-editor of the Promly Garden. She is also spending some time in Washington D.C. and Hawaii while learning about ecology and the connection between humans and their environment. In her free time Jane works at a local New Jersey luxury consignment shop and is most likely spending her whole paycheck on a new (unneeded) handbag. She loves to dance in front of the tv with friends and go to estate or yard sales on the weekends. Jane has never met a pizza or a dog she didn’t like and doesn’t plan on it happening any time soon.

Zach Cirillo (he/him)

Hi, I’m Zach Cirillo, and I am a Sophomore in high school. I am a creative teenager with a talent and passion for music, singing and performing arts. I like to write my own music, poetry, and I love solving rubix cubes. I like to share my gifts with others as it makes me happy to bring others joy. I like playing minecraft and hanging out with my friends. I also enjoy playing soccer.

Sasha Cole (he/him)

Sasha has never written a proper bio, but here it goes. He enjoys the beautiful game of soccer/football (maybe too much? Nah, no such thing). He even has a soccer podcast talking to future and present stars of the game. With the podcast, he has combined his interests and areas of study as a sophomore at Drexel University (entrepreneurship, graphic design, sports management). Sasha is a creative thinker, and loves to create solutions through better design. Whether that be video editing, graphic work, audio engineering, or ideation. I think this bio was pretty good, was it not?

Kyle Dangler

Kyle is definitely an interesting character to say the least. Being someone with a business background allows for innovative business strategies and analyzing information to be a strength of his. However, you can also see him being silly around friends and family with his singing and dance moves. Kyle is planning on becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) upon graduation from Seton Hall University. With this said, his dream job is to be a MLB Network Analyst. In his free time you can see him watching sports, interviewing athletes on his podcast, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.

Abby DeBoer

My name is Abigail DeBoer and I am a fourth year student at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. I am completing a English/Psychology Medial with a Certificate in Law and joined Promly this past March. I enjoy reading and hanging out with my friends, and I am on an inner-tube water polo team at school!

Gabriela Fernandes

Hey! I am Gabriela but I go by Gabszuda. I am 24 years old, Brazilian and currently I am living in NJ. I am an influencer on Instagram and at the moment I count with 13,7k followers. I love coffee, taking pictures, modeling and to create different outfits using the same piece of clothe. Also, I love reading and watching shows and movies. My favorite genre is romance. My family and friends are extremely important to me. I love making new friends. You will always see me smiling so just come and say hi (if you have a cat is a plus), I promise I am a great friend and an amazing listener.

Christina Giambattista (she/her)

Hey, I’m Christina! I’m a junior at Boston University studying Neurobiology and Psychology on the Pre-Med track. I’m hoping one day I can practice medicine as a Psychiatrist so that I can play a role in people’s recoveries, specifically adolescents. As someone who has been personally affected by mental illness with myself and those around me, I have always been passionate about prioritizing and normalizing mental health in our society. Promly has been such an awesome opportunity for me to be a part of something that I wholeheartedly believe in and that I think will make a huge impact on GenZ.

Some other facts about me are that I’m from New Jersey, and I went to an all-girls high school. I played basketball and softball in high school as well as working as a lifeguard and just enjoying my teenage years! Now that I’m away at school I live with my best friends. We spend a lot of our time studying, but we find time to have fun by playing games like Wii Party, watching movies, and getting out into the city. I’m also about to start a part-time clinical job at Beth Israel in Boston and I’m stoked! Anyway, that’s me! It’s nice to meet you!!

Katie Greer (she/her)

Katie Greer grew up in Summit, New Jersey where she attended Summit High School. She has a younger sister, a twin brother and an adorable Cairn Terrier named Otis. She is currently a senior at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. At Trinity, she is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Writing, Rhetoric and Media Studies. She is also a captain of the Trinity Swimming & Diving Team. Aside from swimming, she is a part of Greek life and a mentoring program called Big Brothers Big Sisters. She is considering various career options after graduation, but she enjoys working with people in any capacity and she is also interested in social work or marketing positions.

Grace Ko

My name is Grace Ko, and I’m a 3rd generation Chinese and Taiwanese American. I also intern at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory where I am building a honeypot which performs offensive cybersecurity. Outside of school, I am part of a tutoring program that teaches 8-11 year-old kids to code in Scratch. I plan on studying Computer Science and maybe something else like Math. I founded my school’s first Girls Who Code Club as well. Some things I am interested in outside of school are YouTube, cello, cross country, and church fellowships!

Christina Kodsi (she/her)

Christina attends high school in Howard County, Maryland. In school, she plays basketball and volleyball while also participating in Model UN conferences. Apart from school, Christina spends her time reading and trying new restaurants in the area with her friends, especially any that offer bubble tea.

Chase Lucas (she/her)

Chase Lucas started interning at Promly during her last semester of high school and is now a freshman at Wheaton College in Illinois. She thinks she is going to major in anthropology but is a very indecisive person so her plans will most likely change many times before her four years are up. Chase is passionate about topics such as sustainability, menstrual health education, and (of course) mental health awareness.

When at school, Chase can usually be found gardening or running to Taco Bell with her friends. Over quarantine, she has picked up chess as a hobby (after binging the Queen’s Gambit). Watching 60 Minutes is her guilty pleasure… especially when Lesley Stahl or Anderson Cooper are on.

John Manahan

John Manahan, a sophomore at Villanova University, is majoring in Political Science and History, while minoring in Sociology and Business. Aside from his work with Promly, John also holds positions in the Villanova Student Government Association, the Academic Reform Committee, and as a member of the executive board of his fraternity, Phi Sigma Kappa.

John has had several important experiences which led him to the incredible mission of Promly. Whether it was through his research into media consumption habits during his time at the Fox Corporation, and even in his tenure on the Day of Service Planning Committee at Villanova, John is passionate about helping others. He is a hard worker and is committed to making the world a more welcoming and inclusive place.

Lila McNamara (she/her)

Hi, I’m Lila! I’m 18 from Bernardsville NJ and graduated in June of 2020 from Morris Catholic. I’m currently a Teaching Assistant in addition to being a Promly Intern. I really love being with kids, my friends, family and my pets. I’m obsessed with animals and music and am really passionate about mental health care. I always want to help others too!

Maddie Morton (she/her)

Maddie Morton lives in Chatham, New Jersey and is a senior at Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child. She is the oldest of four —five, if you include her dog— and is a competitive Irish dancer. Maddie has been an intern at Promly since November 2020 and became an intern because she wants to help change the stigma surrounding mental illness. At Promly, Maddie is gaining experience in mental health advocacy, marketing/brand development, and article publishing. Some interesting facts are that if Maddie had any superpower it would be the ability to fly, and over the summer she babysits for Taylor Swift’s best friend!

Katerina Rettino (she/her)

Katerina is a freshman Journalism student at the University of Florida. In addition to being an intern at Promly, she is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and a Multimedia Captain for Dance Marathon at her university. She is passionate about bettering the world, specifically in the topics of human rights, environmental issues, and mental health and wellness. In her free time, she enjoys photography, writing, social media content creation, reading, singing, and yoga. She hopes to be a writer or photographer for a publication or work in social media after college.

Rita Russo (she/her/they/them)

Hi! My name is Rita, and I’m a sophomore at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, studying psychology and philosophy. I love playing guitar, reading tarot cards, skiing, writing, and my cat Dusty. I plan on becoming an alternative healing adolescent therapist, with focus on spiritual Chakra and crystal healing. I’m so glad to have joined Promly to help teens connect through such a positive, welcoming, and fun space that I know will make a huge difference in our generation. I hope you enjoy my articles, and feel free to reach out to me with your thoughts on my instagram, @rita.russo! I hope you love Promly. 🙂

Julia Szynal (she/her)

My name is Julia Szynal, and I am a Sophomore at Boston College. I’m majoring in Applied Psychology and Human Development, in the Lynch School of Education and Human Development, with a concentration in Special Education and two minors: Restorative and Transformational Justice and Cybersecurity. I am so excited about the work I do for Promly! In addition to joining the team in May 2020 and being a part of design decisions and development of the Promly App, I am also a co-editor of the Promly Garden and work with our website team to make sure our website is always up to date with our newest articles and podcast episodes and an accurate reflection of our brand.

Some interesting things about me are I have been a lacrosse player since I was 5 or 6 years old and was on a Division 1 track throughout middle and high school. For personal reasons I decided to pursue a different path and now play for Boston College’s Women’s Club Lacrosse team. At BC, I am also a part of the Special Olympics Club and tutor and mentor young student athletes through Harlem Lacrosse-Boston. In my free time, I love to watch movies or TV series, organize in my agenda and workout! My favorite places are SoulCycle and Orange Theory Fitness and highly recommend both. My favorite quote is to everyday promise yourself to think only of the best, work for only the best and expect only the best and I try to live my life in this way.

Pooja Tailor (she/her)

My name is Pooja Tailor, and I am currently a senior at Reservoir High School and plan on attending the University of Maryland in the fall. I am a very go-with-the-flow type of person and am always up for an adventure. I have been to almost 30 different countries and love to travel.

Mark Thackery

Mark first started developing websites and learning various programming languages as a freshman, when he created a webpage, from scratch, detailing his school history and how it came to be. He hopes to create an app because he wants to create something of his own and learn new skills.

Julia Vallario

Julia Vallario is a 19 year old girl that is determined to make a difference in the world. She often finds herself babysitting, volunteering, and studying. She is extremely hardworking and completes every thing she sets her mind to. She has been a part of Promly for about two years and is so excited to continue to help the app grow. Aside from Promly, she has volunteered her time at her church, on service trips, and at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Zahra Wilson

Zahra loves spending time with family, playing instruments, and playing sports. She likes reading, music, cooking and singing. Zahra also loves pets and learning new things. She wants to have her own business and travel when she gets older.