Beautiful: An Interview with Emily Sclar

A violinist, a song writer, a singer. Talented. An advocate. A recent High School graduate, a current student at Berklee School of Music.  “High School was not the most amazing experience for me. I felt very different from most of the people there. I had a hard time with the pressures of trying to beContinue reading “Beautiful: An Interview with Emily Sclar”

UPCOMING: The Promly App

Welcome to Promly! We are a social networking platform built specifically for teens, combining the interactive and high-tech benefits of social media today while simultaneously focusing on mental health support and tools. Did you know… More than 5,000 teenagers in the United States attempt to commit suicide every day. More than 50% of those attemptsContinue reading “UPCOMING: The Promly App”

“How I Learned to Love My Body as a Female Athlete”

The Hidden Opponent is an advocacy group aiming to raise awareness for student-athlete mental health issues while simultaneously addressing the stigma of mental health within sports culture. By creating a platform for athletes to explore and speak about their struggles, the Hidden Opponent brings to light the challenges that young athletes face in today’s society.Continue reading ““How I Learned to Love My Body as a Female Athlete””