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Schools Are Feeding Diet Culture

The Gender Spectrum is the range from male to female to other. I constantly hear people asking where all of the trans people had been hiding this whole time? Why come out now?

The True Horror of Midsommar – Recognizing Toxic Relationships

The narrative is all too relatable – an inherently toxic relationship guised under an appearance of love and attachment.  When I sat down to watch Midsommar with my boyfriend of 3 years, I expected an Ari Aster classic that would incite the same eye covering, looking-up-the-ending-because-you-just-can’t take-it-anymore type of plot that Hereditary provided. However, uponContinue reading “The True Horror of Midsommar – Recognizing Toxic Relationships”

Shoutout to Leaders that Lead

With the Covid-19 vaccine already rolling out to almost half the U.S. population, there is a lot of hope that soon the world will feel more normal. As it gets a little bit warmer during these next few months, people may feel more inclined to partake in outdoor dining with a few friends.


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