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So She CAN Inspires, Empowers, and Unites Writers From All Over the World

Promly Intern, Christina Kodsi and Promly Founder, Jen Libby, had a great conversation with Alysa Monteagudo, a teenager from the United States who’s passionate about Asian American Pacific Islander issues, women’s rights and empowerment, medical racism, and increasing female representation in STEM!

Stargazing with New Gen Z Artist Sarab Singh – New Music Podcast

The Promly Garden introduces a new podcast series highlighting Gen Z singers, song writers, and musicians that have recently released music.  Sarab Singh is a 17 year old musician from New Jersey who started singing when he was young and has now released his first single, “Stargazing”, on Spotify and Apple Music.

Help. Hope. Healing

This week, Promly founder Jen Libby, Gen Z intern Julia Vallario, and mental health ambassador Taya Hoy spent some time together hearing Taya’s personal story of mental health struggles that began as a child, trauma, and ultimate healing in a time she least expected to recover.  Taya is now a Gen Z ambassador for Colorado Wellness Center for Girls and a strong advocate for destigmatizing personality disorders. 

Girls Code It

Promly founder Jen Libby, and Gen Z intern Christina Kodsi, spent some time this past week chatting with the president of Girls Code It, Jennifer Lew. GirlsCodeIt is a dedicated, Gen-Z female-led nonprofit organization and initiative at the forefront of the fight for gender and education equality.

Okayso… Time to Talk About Sex

On this podcast episode, Promly Founder Jen Libby and Senior Intern Zach Seiger speak with Elise Schuster, CEO of Okayso. Okayso is a non profit organization that aims to increase the access people have to support and information when they need it the most.

Girls Tech Together – Bridging the Gap

Promly interviews Divita Taduvayi, a high school senior who advocates for equity in the Computer Science field through her international 501(c)(3) non-profit, Girls Tech Together.

Gen Z, Internships, and Equal Opportunity

Promly speaks with Michael Kodsi, a high school senior and founder of SipsNow.com. The mission of SipsNow is to make high school internships accessible to all, regardless of background or personal connections.


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