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The Promly App (coming soon to the app store!) is a digital ecosystem that helps teens create more genuine connections with others based on interests, and provides access to 24/7 free mental health support with one click. Follow us @promlyapp for more updates.

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Promly Garden Archive

Promly Garden Podcast Archive

  • Teen Health 101
    Promly hosts Valeri Guevarra, who is a current high school senior and founder of Teen Health 101. Since the Covid-19 pandemic Valeri and her team of teens have become a prominent outlet for Gen-Z to lean on as a mental health resource.
  • “Allow Yourself to be Good Enough” — A Podcast with Victoria Garrick
    Promly hosts Victoria Garrick, a University of Southern California (USC) graduate and former DI women’s volleyball star, who advocates for mental health awareness in the athletic world.
  • A Gen Z Discussion on Anxiety and Eating Disorders
    Promly founder Jen Libby begins a conversation with Julia Szynal and Christina Giambattista about Gen Z and the prevalence of eating disorders and anxiety.
  • A Gen Z Brand: KC with love
    Co-Editor of Promly Garden Julia Szynal interviews long-time friend and entrepreneur Katia Carnevale, who during quarantine, created her own clothing brand, KC with love.
  • A Look Into the Minds of Gen Z
    Promly founder Jen Libby interviews some of the members of our renowned Gen Z intern Crew to give our listeners an exclusive look into the minds and lives of the people who make Promly a reality.
  • Newsworthy: An Interview with Avi Schiffmann
    Promly’s Founder Jen Libby interviews Avi Schiffmann, a 17-year-old high school student and entrepreneur, who created the most utilized COVID tracking website in the entire world.

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