Beautiful: An Interview with Emily Sclar

A violinist, a song writer, a singer. Talented. An advocate. A recent High School graduate, a current student at Berklee School of Music.  “High School was not the most amazing experience for me. I felt very different from most of the people there. I had a hard time with the pressures of trying to beContinue reading “Beautiful: An Interview with Emily Sclar”

GenZ Opinions: “It’s Like Pleasure to My Ears!”

How Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” signifies a cultural reset that has been long awaited. “There’s some wh*res in this house, there’s some wh*res in this house-” woah woah woah. Pause the music. This is what the kids are listening to today? Where did such a shockingly explicit song, of such popularity, comeContinue reading “GenZ Opinions: “It’s Like Pleasure to My Ears!””

Living the Dream- What is 20 by 20?

So, what actually is Promly’s 20 by 20? At its core, 20 by 20 is all about creating connections for you. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how disconnected we are in this connected world, and at Promly, we believe the time for better connection is now. Connection is the basis of human happiness, and withContinue reading “Living the Dream- What is 20 by 20?”

How Gen Z Entrepreneurs Make The Most Out of Quarantine

In these troubling times, teens have not only been struggling with mental health, but also with general boredom. Quarantine has drastically decreased the amount of activities teens can partake in on a day to day basis. With shopping, playing sports, hanging out with friends, school and most other activities no longer an option, the wayContinue reading “How Gen Z Entrepreneurs Make The Most Out of Quarantine”