The Magic of Gratitude

As children, the world around us appeared to be truly magical. We had profound appreciation for everything we could see, touch, smell, hear, taste, and experience. Upon reaching adolescence and adulthood, however, we learn many lessons that seem to prevent us from accessing the “magic”.  This can be reversed however, through the practice of gratitude.Continue reading “The Magic of Gratitude”

Happy Jack: “Because Normal is Boring”

Happy Jack is a clothing brand that was born from the mind of Jack Nathan, as he used art and design to cope with anxiety. He wanted to create a community for the misunderstood; a product for those like himself who struggle with life and mental illness. Jack suddenly and accidentally passed away on JulyContinue reading “Happy Jack: “Because Normal is Boring””

TheBandLunch is “Plugged In!” Creating Music as an Outlet

In a recent podcast featuring the up and coming Gen Z band “TheBandLunch,” Promly CEO, Jen Libby, and senior intern, Zach Seiger, sat down for a chat on what it’s like to produce music as an all-student band, find creative inspiration, and find a way to connect with yourself through the music. TheBandLunch is madeContinue reading “TheBandLunch is “Plugged In!” Creating Music as an Outlet”

The Astrology Signs as Coping Skills

Life can be hard to handle sometimes. We can be flooded with emotions and it can be easy to deal with them in unhealthy ways. Toxic coping skills are far too common and it’s up to you on how you deal with stress. Making an effort to handle complex emotions healthily can be a life-changer. Continue reading “The Astrology Signs as Coping Skills”

I Actually Like Lil Nas X’s New Song MONTERO

Okay so I know some people were extremely unhappy with this new song that Lil Nas X released called MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name). As someone who isn’t an avid fan of this guy, I gave it a listen just because of all the push back I saw from people claiming this to be an outrageous affront to the “PG” rating he has had previously in his other songs.