Living the Dream- What is 20 by 20?

So, what actually is Promly’s 20 by 20? At its core, 20 by 20 is all about creating connections for you. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how disconnected we are in this connected world, and at Promly, we believe the time for better connection is now. Connection is the basis of human happiness, and withContinue reading “Living the Dream- What is 20 by 20?”

Nobody Wants to Be Your Sugar Baby

The creepy reality of social media for Gen. Z We have all experienced it, the random follow request, the obscure DMs, the hacking of accounts and the confusion of seeing someone you don’t know on your feed. While social media, like Instagram, is fun to keep in touch with friends and trends, at the endContinue reading “Nobody Wants to Be Your Sugar Baby”